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thesuperheroes's Journal

The Superheroes
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Discusion, fic and creative efforts featuring the super-heroes of comics and graphic novels
We're into any and all comic and graphic novel heroe-type fandoms. Come share your works of general, hetero and slash fiction, your pics and icons, your general POV on the many fandoms.


1. Choose the genre (general, hetero or slash) and fandom you want to write for the various phrases.
2. Write a story, any length. No time limit, guys, this is a forever thing.
3. First let us know....No sign-up, but "a hey I'm gonna try this" in the comments section would be nice.
4. Share with the comm or list, and the archive, if you please

PLEASE NOTE: Share your story in its own post, not as a comment to this one. Makes it easier to find and not overlook.
HEADERS TEMPLATE: Remember to include archive info. (Title, author, email, website, fandom, pairings, summary, acknowledgments and notes.
FINAL NOTE: Forwarding to your favorite list or comm is permitted as long as you include the credited comm link, so please go ahead and spread the word about this meme to your various lists and comms. The more folks who participate, the better for all of us.

Emotions of Love Prompting Table #1

01.Amaze 02.Bore 03.Dazzle 04.Pout
05.Meditate 06.Giggle 07.Contemptuous 08.Indulgent
09.Lust 10.Sarcastic 11.Swoon 12.tantrum
13.Curious 14.Brooding 15.Stealthy 16.Quiet
17.Insolent 18.Ravenous 19.Primitive 20.Angsty
21.Secretive 22.Interested 23.Tease 24.Snoop
25.Recluse 26.Ecstatic 27.Flamboyant 28.Childish
29.Romantic 30.Cruel 31.Lazy 00.achy

This Prompts Table brought to you by PEJA

Prompt Table - Emotions of Love Meme #1

This can be copied and pasted into your own journal.

An introduction to this comm's tagging system.

ARCHIVE TO WWOMB: First off I want to call attention to the "archive to wwomb" tag. It is there to make clear what you would like in regards to your story. Be sure to select one, YES if you would like your story archived on the WWOMB ARCHIVE or NO if you would like to keep the story just to this comm. I manage a lot of comms and lists, so please use these tags so you don't get incorrectly archived on the web-based site. Keep in mind when making your selection, that archiving with the site will bring you a bigger audience and a backed up copy if a site goes away.

FYI: The archive is open for orphan authors as well as comm/list sibs. You may archive stories posted here, as well as stories posted on other sites.

AUTHORS: Authors will get an author tag. Co-authors will be split, each having their own tag, beginning with the tag title "author". Let me know if I missed you.

GENRES: I've added tags for general, hetero and slash fiction, as well as a tag for hetero & slash. Please use them. Some folks don't read one or the other genre. This is true for all the lists. On the weekend we will offer OT GENRE posts, for folks who don't want to join a lot of types of the same list.

XOVERS: Cross-over stories are welcome and encouraged. I'll provide tags as they are needed for these under the tag "crossover: crossed fandom NAME" tags, not simply the fandom.

CHARACTERS AND PAIRINGS: Aside from the obvious characters and pairs, I'll be adding these as they are needed. Feel free to post unlisted pairings (include them in the header)

CHALLENGES AND PROMPTS: These can be found in the prompts listings. I'm hoping that folks will use these, and also send in their own, cuz I would rather do someone else's prompts. Just makes me more diverse.


I have a story header template that you are encouraged to use. At the very least, please include the story title, your pen name, a summary of the story, the story fandom, the key characters and pairings and, of course, a disclaimer. The rest is...optional, but appreciated

Characters/Pairing (portrayed by):
Genre: (General/hetero/slash)
Series: (y/no)
Series URL:
Previous stories [title & URL]:
Chapter number if WIP:
Previous chapters or series at:
Sand-box [open series]: (Y/N)
Permission to archive to WWOMB: (Y/N)
Disclaimer. does not belong to me. no money made in this
Comm/List Written for: (opt)
Author's websites:

CO-MODS: If you would like to co-mod this comm, email me, but only if you are willing to work at making this a better place to play.

Would love to hear your thoughts on making this a nicer place to visit...and sure would be nice to see some new stories posted.

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