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authors choice #201 - lizard brain

today's "daily prompt" is...

authors choice #201 - lizard brain - any pairing - any length:

Write a story, ficlet, drabble, snippet, slice of life [or a series of stories] around this theme. Go to the extreme on this.

1. Write a story of any length, using the prompt "lizard brain" in whatever way you would like

2. Or....Let the prompt infect you & carry you to greater heights of creativity.
Happy writing, folks

Please link back to this site when using the prompts on other sites so interested folk can find it easily

FINAL NOTE: Would be nice to see some stories on the comm. Prompt generated or not. Would love to see the challenges and prompts you would like written as well.

Please consider posting your story from this prompt on the WWOMB archive Each story submission on site is an entry in our monthly contests [1. Most Prolific Author, 2. Random Author & 3. Random reviewer}. Payout is a $10 or 20 Gift Certificate.

Vids inspired by this prompt may be posted to the all new WWOMBtube
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